FPM in India vs. PhD from abroad?

What is FPM in India?

FPM stands for Fellow Programme in Management. Because IIMs (Indian Institute of Management, the premier business schools in India) were not allowed to give degrees, they started their doctoral program as a fellowship program. They conferred the title of Fellow, such as “Fellow of the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (FPM)”. The FPM programs of the IIMs are recognized as equivalent to a Ph.D. by the Govt. Of India.

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How to cut perfect salad using principles of statistics

I like perfectly cut salads. My mother used to cut flawless thin slices of fruits and vegetables, all slices of similar width. Many of my relatives were in awe of the skill. I tried many times to do the same but was never able to, until recently. I discovered a sure shot way to cut perfect slices even if I don’t have the skill level of my mother. Believe it or not I discovered that secret in a course in Statistics.

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PhD in Management – FAQs

Why do business schools offer PhD programs?

The purpose of PhD program is to produce researchers who expand scientific knowledge. The hope is that with good research, both the researcher and the alma mater will become famous. Also, a school’s responsibility is not limited to disseminating old knowledge. Updating knowledge base is another of its responsibility, especially if it wants to be a pioneer. That will happen when a continuous pool of researchers enter the researcher community. Many business schools make an investment in research. They do this by

  • Hiring researchers
  • Providing them incentives and a conducive environment to do academic research
  • By producing research scholars (with PhD programs)

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